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Talking Points

Why Trinsic? Issue 1.0
August 30, 2023

What is Trinsic?

  • A joint venture between Intermountain Health and UCHealth in February, 2023 creating a statewide Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) for patients. It is governed by a physician-led board of directors and will be bringing value-based contract opportunities to both organizations.
  • The goal of the CIN is to reduce costs and redundancy in health care delivery operations for its’ members.
  • It promotes the CIN payment model that rewards value rather than volume.
  • Benefits all parties involved, including patients, physicians, payers, and the communities it serves.

What is value-based care (VBC)?

  • Value-based care is different from our current, fee-for-service model of health care in the US.
  • Value-based care encompasses the following:
    • A payment structure that rewards quality and efficiency
      rather than volume
    • Incentivizes team based care
    • Stratifies patients by risk so that resources can be
      targeted—“right patient, right care, right place, right time.”
  • VBC will dominate the US. Health care landscape in the coming years but it will require a transformation of providers, patients and the entire health ecosystem.

What are the key elements of value-based care (VBC)?

  • Smaller patient panels intended to increase access to care.
  • Team-based care.
  • Highly coordinated among all providers interacting with a patient.
  • PCPs pay special attention to “social determinants of health” (access to healthy food, safe in their environment, availability of transportation and quality of housing).
  • To pivot to VBC will take financial, operational, clinical and culture support.

What will Trinsic do?

Trinsic works in the in-between spaces to remove some of the burden from practices. Trinsic providers collaborate to deliver more effective and affordable coordinated care and improve documentation, accountability and the patient experience. As a legal entity, a CIN grants the group a safe harbor against antitrust laws, letting them collectively negotiate for better payment rates with insurers.

Services provided by Trinsic to the member practices will include:

  • Contracting team: helps providers enter value-based arrangements with payers to create a sustainable path to take on risk (spreads the financial risk per practice the more patients that are included).
  • Data team: serves up useful and actionable data to improve the patient experience.
  • Practice transformation team: helps suggest workflows to streamline the population health work into day-to-day operations.
  • Care managers and pharmacy team: helps care for patients outside the office visits by overseeing transitions of care as well as reviewing all prescriptions to manage side-effects.

What is the current focus of Trinsic?

  • To redesign and reinforce primary care practices to provide more effective and affordable coordinated care and improve documentation, accountability and the patient experience.
  • Developing a roadmap of payer contracts towards risk to ensure incentives are aligned.
  • Coding and documentation program designed to work on appropriate coding and documentation of the senior population for the current Trinsic MA plan and the Signify ACO.
  • Centralizing care management and care coordination team assigning one to each practice.
  • Future state of Trinsic will include collaboration with specialists.